4. Monitoring

Monitoring and Compliance is essentially site supervision with the ability to recommend withholding payment to non-performing contractors or suppliers, and hire and fire of contractors. It involves specifications of work, cost estimates and time schedules that are used to measure performance year-on-year. This means that overheads can be managed and alternative approaches used where things are not currently working.

Once the design and consenting are complete and the project is implemented you are likely to never see any of these contractors or consultants again. It is monitoring during the construction phase that avoids issues that may cost you money in the long run. Like a paint contractor skipping a primer coat that 2-3 years later fails or becomes thin, but they are long gone by this stage. Or a landscaper who is paid to put in 100mm of bark mulch but puts in 20mm. Leading to excessive weeds, poor plant growth, health and longevity and unnecessary replanting costs. Independent monitoring is quite different to site supervision where it may be the contractor or an untrained representative of the owners trying to keep an eye on the quality of workmanship and finish on a build.

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