2. Reports

We are involved in the full range of report and guiding document preparation including;

  • Landscape and Visual Effects Assessments
  • Urban Design Reports
  • Crime minimisation
  • Expert evidence
  • Streetscape Guidance documents
  • Graffiti and Vandalism minimisation recommendations
  • Health and Safety, and
  • Feasibility studies.

A report ensures legitimacy in the actions you choose to take on a project. It clarifies your opinions to stakeholders and smooths the way with regulatory authorities. If your project is complex, has a large budget, protracted or staged implementation or potentially high levels of resistance from stakeholders a report is recommended.

Landscape Assessments

This includes environmental and visual impact assessments that prepare policies or inform new developments. The assessment looks at the fit of a development within its surroundings. It suggests ways of mitigating any affects that are less than minor caused by mass, shadow, noise, proximity, traffic and other affects. This is done with the support of other experts.

Urban Design Reports

We are involved in master-planning and scoping projects to re-position your development in the changing environment and context around it. Broad recommendations from this analysis lead to key projects being identified that will provide the greatest benefit for the least expenditure.

Crime Minimisation Recommendations

Graffiti and vandalism are key issues that lead to high ongoing costs in repairs and repainting. There are also other costs in terms of perceptions of an area as dangerous leading to reduced patronage. Left unchecked these issues spiral out of control and cost more to deal with than they would have to intervene early.

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