3. Supervision

When contractors start to frame up project implementation of your project you can run I into all kinds of complications.

Project management makes sure things happen on time and on or preferably under budget. It provides systems, communication and checks and balances to measure the success of a project and its delivery. We can help with a project management requirements from tendering to costings, from time-frame development to programme of works.

Site supervision makes sure you get what you have paid far by checking along the way that standards, levels of finish and quantities specified are actually achieved. We manage the contractors and subcontractors, stakeholders, public interaction and perceptions. Our processes help to define and clarify scope and we think on our feet to avoid delays or cost over runs that occur when things go wrong.

Centre Management manages the day to day running of a centre. It can effectively deal with numerous small aspects including performance of contractors and suppliers, levels of use of a centre, issues with stakeholders and adjacent businesses, health and safety, graffiti, vandalism and other nuisance.

Owners, body-corporates and tenants are continually trying to balance budgets, attend to repairs and maintenance and shortlist and manage contractors. A centre manager is also able to see the bigger picture and see where a change of tack might prevent unnecessary expenditure – like numerous roof repairs over a long period when a section of roof might better be replaced and the problem be resolved for the longer term. Or where a security light or camera might reduce vandalism or graffiti in a trouble spot.

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