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At Verdant Green Ltd we can help with all aspects of your landscape project including:

1. LANDSCAPE DESIGNPlan your garden on paper

2. LANDSCAPE AUDITSWork our what to keep in your garden

3. CONSENTINGDeal with the paper trail, both resource and building consenting

4. LANDSCAPE LIGHTINGIlluminate your vision

5. IRRIGATIONKeep it alive and healthy

6. HARDSCAPINGEarthworks, building and paving

7. MAINTENANCEProtecting your investment

8. FENCING AND RETAININGScreening and levelling your site to improve how it works and looks

9. WATER FEATURES AND SCULPTUREAdded touches for investment or personal expression

10. SOFT LANDSCAPINGA green framework of trees and shrubs

If there is anything else you need, don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or a referral. We provide our design services at very competitive rates compared to other companies. We are not just landscape designers but qualified landscape architects, which means a thorough understanding of everything your project needs. Of course we are happy to give free quotes and meet with you to discuss options and prices.